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Working from Home

Every day, when I go to work, I wrote a poem on my cigarette breaks. What with my situation changing – and me working from home in the future – I thought I’d try to carry the tradition over. This, then, is the first poem that I wrote on a cigarette break while working from home.


So it’s my first full day
where it’s all official,
and I’m writing for Wikipedia,
talking about artists
and the art they make,
and then I’m setting up my website
and smoking a cigarette.

This is the first poem
I ever wrote
standing right outside
my porch;
I’d better get used to it,
it’s better than the alley
behind Regatta House,
and when I’m done,
I can go inside
to stroke the cat,
which isn’t a metaphor.

People say
when you work from home,
you masturbate.

That’s just not true,
I’m far too busy dealing
with kitty litter.

Then when the postman came,
I got distracted again
because my girlfriend
likes to order
from the internet.

But anyhow
it’s almost noon
and the day’s
maybe getting
away from me.

I need to make
more money
if this is to fully be

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