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I wrote this poem the day after the general election over here in the UK, as you can probably tell. I don’t think any further comment is necessary – enjoy!


It’s the big day after
a general election
and nobody really
wins or loses,
except for the public.

I’m almost thirty years old
and my party of choiuce
has never come out
at the top of the totem

That’s probably unsurprisinhg
because really
what do I know
about running
a country?

If I was
the glorious leader
I’d make people beg
for nuclear disarmament,
or maybe even
just call in sick
and watch the TV.

It must be
those Nazi
they made me think
the best way to pick a leader
is to find the man
or woman
who doesn’t want
to do it.

When people seek power,
it automatically means
they don’t deserve it.

I don’t deserve it

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