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More Than You Can Shake a Stick at

I haven’t really stopped since moving from full-time employment to full-time freelance. There’s a huge amount of work for me to do – more than you can shake a stick at – and so I decided to write a poem.


Sometimes you have to ask yourself,
“Why the hell did I agree to this?”

Life is more about the yesses
than the nos of course
but sometimes a yes
can land you
in some trouble.

You take on
more than you should take on
and your schedule of work
starts to look more like
the long road
we all must
walk along.

And then the time
you thought you’d save
just rushes to the grave
in desperation,
like a clock
when the hands
start to shake
a bit.

Oh I know
I get a lot done
when I put my mind to it,
but I can’t switch off
when someone’s watching.

They’re waiting for me
to fall over.

I need to write
a novel;
one every six weeks
should do the trick.

Or at least
its nearest equivalent
in scripts, blogs
and whitepapers.

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