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Love is a Burnt Out Candle

This poem is another more recent one, freshly typed up from my notebook. I realised that it’s been a while since I wrote something (vaguely) positive, so I sat down and wrote this. It just sort of came out.



is a burnt-out


at four o’clock

in the morning


when the aeroplanes

fall from the sky

and the busses

break down

and the trains

roll off the rails

and the cars

drive at ninety

on the motorway


and the angels

tell little kids

what their future is

and the devils

get drunk

at open mic nights


and the pianos

go out of tune

when you play

the first note

of a lonely



and the snakes

dance on glass

while the rats

get their tails

in a tangle


and the boats

come home

and smash themselves

upon the rocks

and the sailors

fill up their caps

with saltwater


and the people

walk down boulevards

with melting ice cream

in their hands


and the smokers

burn their lungs

on tobacco plants

as the air turns cold

and starts to laugh

at them


and the birds

break their wings

on the barriers

at the park and ride

while numberplates

are snapped in half

and discarded


and the poets

drink themselves

into semi-psychosis

and they throw their pens

into the harbour


and the stomachs


and wrap around themselves

and the legs


and fold



and love

is a stick

of incense


and life

is a dream

we keep


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