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Everything Now

This is a relatively recent poem about how we live in a culture that expects… well, everything now. This is particularly apparent when I’m working on freelance projects, because a lot of people forget that freelancers work with multiple clients and expect you to drop everything to work on their project. It’s definitely a balancing act.


Everything now
and not tomorrow
my friend
you forget
there’s a general

I don’t know how
we keep living longer
when the days become short
and unmanageable,
and thanks largely
to the global economy
there’s always someone
who needs you
to do something.

There’s even a guy
from Ethiopia
who said
he wants to give me
his inheritance;

it isn’t legit,
but I still want
to click it.

my liver is shot
and I wonder if
I’ll ever heal it,
so I’ll smoke
another cigarette
while the world spins on
without me.

Or maybe it’s standing still
and my head is spinning.

I learned
that the earth
is closer to the sun
than it is to Masr,
at least
on average.

That’s the kind of thing
that blows my mind,
and I didn’t even have
a hangover.

It made me realise
we’re insignificant,
little blips in existence
like grains of sand
on a football field.

Then I went to an open mic
and forgot all about it.

There’s a moral there,
but I don’t quite know
what it is.

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