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Subject Verb Non-Object: A Quick Update

Hi, folks! So today is a little bittersweet because – to be honest – it hurts to write about this. I feel like it’s a professional failure, but it’s probably more down to 30% naivety and 70% unpredictability. I don’t know, you decide.

Subject Verb Object was supposed to be an anthology with a vision. It was supposed to represent the spirit of authors working together towards a common goal – telling great stories, inspiring each other and introducing each other’s readers to their favourite new authors. Unfortunately, managing 21 authors is easier said than done.

I won’t go to into the politics. Let’s just say that, because I’m learning as I go – and because, honestly, I had no idea what I was doing – a couple of people dropped out of the project as it approached launch day. But with their departure, there also came a whole host of new questions that needed answering.


Dane Cobain - Subject Verb Object


Honestly, I’m not 100% sure went wrong. I think there were some issues around royalties (the plan was to reinvest all royalties into advertisements) and how I credited people (there was no way to add all 21 authors without contacting customer service). Either way, a few authors no longer wanted to be involved, and that’s okay. I mean, I’d already spent around £300 on promo gear, but that’s okay. It’ll make a good bonfire (hah! no, i’m serious – it’s bin or burn, and burn makes for a better metaphor).

The upshot is, the anthology can’t go ahead with its current setup, so I’ve had to cancel the launch. It probably reflects badly on me – sorry about that. I’d like to think I’ll try harder next time, but I tried my hardest.

We’ll hopefully be back, though. There are some great authors – and some great pieces – who still want to push ahead. The current plan is to reposition it – potentially as an anthology of British writing –  to remove the references to the prompts that inspired the stories (and gave the anthology its name – which I wasn’t particularly happy with), and hopefully to donate all proceeds to a charity. I’ll still make a loss on the marketing costs, but at least we’ll be doing something worth doing. Hopefully. Maybe.


Dane Cobain - Subject Verb Object
Dane Cobain – Subject Verb Object


So anyway, that’s the long and the short of it. It isn’t dead, but it’s taking a backseat for now while I sort a few things out in my work and personal life. But I’m sure it’ll be back – there are too many great contributions that I want to share with the world, and the rest of the authors are keen for us to push on. So we’ll do it, but we’ll do it better, and we’ll be back sometime soon!

As always, thanks for reading and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. I’ll see you soon!

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