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So I Quit My Job… | Freelance Plans

Well, today’s the day.

A couple of months ago, I handed in my notice at fst and quit my job to do something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’m going freelance, and today is my first official day of being a self-employed freelance writer. How exciting!

It’s also scary, most notably because my income will be taking a huge dip. I have enough saved up to keep me going for a couple of months, and so I’m hoping to grow my current income until I’m matching my old salary. But that also means that everything could go wrong and I could end up somehow losing my existing clients and failing to get any new ones.

But still, it’s exiting – and something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Now is as good a time as ever, and I’ve been almost working myself into the ground by moonlighting while working a regular job, and so I decided to take the leap and try it out. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, so I’d rather try and fail than always wonder what might have happened.

So yeah, that’s a thing. I’m now officially self-employed – or unemployed, if you want to look at like that. Sometimes it feels like that when you’re enjoying what you’re doing so much that it doesn’t feel like work. Just an extension of your own writing.

If you want to find out more about the work that I do and what my rates are, you can check out my portfolio on Slideshare. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. I’ll see you soon!

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