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Stand Right By Your Guns (Chords/Lyrics)

This song is a faster, more upbeat one, and one that I hope has a sort of moral to it. The gist of it is, “Live your life as hard as you can.” You can check out the chords and lyrics below, or click here to listen to the song on YouTubeEnjoy!




I feel alive today, I know what I’ve been missing,

I’ve got too many feelings for me to let you take me out tonight, and I

kiss all the wrong women, those ‘write a song’ women,

killing all this time until I die.

But I’m alive, and kinda high and you don’t know until you try,

so I tried with all my heart to not remember,

but I remember being five and pouring tears out from my eyes

because I tried to hide from life with my Nintendo.



So stand right by your guns,

and be regrettable.

Yeah, stand right by your guns,

don’t be forgettable.




I feel alive today, don’t want to throw my life away,

don’t want to give my job away, just want to give my love away

this day’s amazed and semi-crazed and maybe failing lazily

my final fantasies are fully formed.

And I, kiss all the wrong women, those ‘write a song’ women,

to try to make my lips just feel alive,

but I remember being ten and feeling pressure settle in

and ever since I’ve winced at things that I’ve survived.



She said he sang like he had diamonds in his eyes. x4

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