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Sober (Chords/Lyrics)

This one’s one of my most recent ones, and it’s about drinking, not drinking, and my perpetual habit of only writing songs or playing guitar when I’m drinking beer. Listen to it in the player below or click here to listen and/or download via Spotify.



Em (high) Bm D Em

I’m staying sober and I’m still alive, and I don’t know what I used to do,
on all the long weekends on all the wrong nights, trying to find out what I mean to you.
And it goes like this, a thorn in her side and she’s tired of this,
because this shit’s insipid and mentally ill and because she stole the vowels from my kiss.


She’s an illusion, she’s falling through time, picking up broken glass at closing time,
she won’t be forgotten like yesterday’s news, she’s soaking in lemon and lime.
and I close my eyes, a feeling inside that I just can’t describe
and I’m tired of talking, I’m tiring of words and I’m trying not to write lines that rhyme.

CHORUS: Em (low) Bm D G F#/D x 4


Now I’m feeling nervous and I’m feeling scared and I don’t know what I shouldn’t do.
Should I waste all my time while I write on wrong nights, should I break down and cry before you?

And I feel like shit, but I’m starting to feel so I’m dealing with it
and I don’t want to hide or believe in the hype, so I…

give into it.

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