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New Music Video: Sober

Hi, folks! I’ve got something a little bit different today. I’ve been wanting to shoot a music video for one of my songs for some time now, but life has a habit of getting in the way and so it took me a while to get around to it.

Still, I’ve been buying more filming gear of late, so when my new green screen arrived I thought it’d be fun to set it up and to have a stab at a music video. So I did.



You can check out the music video in the player above or you can click here to go and check it out on YouTube. While ¬†you’re at it, be sure to subscribe for more videos as I may well have a few more of these up my sleeve – if I can be bothered.

Thanks, as always, for visiting and be sure to check out my first three albumsNocturne, Sketches and Discordia – on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes. You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. I’ll see you soon!

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