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Introducing Subject Verb Object: An Anthology of New Writing

Hi, folks! Today is an exciting day because it’s launch day for Subject Verb Object: An Anthology of New Writing! Read on to find out more and to learn how to snag yourself a copy.


Dane Cobain - Subject Verb Object
Dane Cobain – Subject Verb Object


Eighteen writers from both sides of the Atlantic come together in this genre-bending collection of new writing.

Meet Luís da Silva and get (thickly) settled. Get drunk in Cornwall or lose yourself in the Warren. Find out why Pete’s remote control keeps disappearing, how Gary’s cat found heaven and what lurks behind Jay’s mirror.

Subject Verb Object is a unique anthology of new writing from first-timers and award-winners. It’s a moveable feast that sweeps across time and space. A joint exploration in creativity. We hope you enjoy it.


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The anthology contains pieces by the following authors:

  • James Torrance
  • Alex Kimmell
  • Dane Cobain
  • Neil Denham
  • Amar Rana-Deshmukh
  • Oli Jacobs
  • J. G. Clay
  • Chris Gower
  • Michael-Israel Jarvis
  • JC Miller
  • Dani Brown
  • Clive Whitelock
  • Heba El-Husseini
  • Pam Elise Harris
  • Stevyn Colgan
  • Sharon Anderson
  • Eileen Maksym
  • Chico Kidd


Subject Verb Object Paperback (2)
Subject Verb Object Paperback


As always, thanks a lot for visiting, and be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. You can also click here to check out Subject Verb Object on Amazon. I’ll see you soon!

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