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So Tired

This is a blog of sorts, I guess. No, more than that – it’s a disclaimer. I feel like I haven’t been a very good person of late, and like my friends and family are probably wondering why I have no time for them. I’ve barely left the house. I’ve also not been much fun to be around.

I’m aware of it, and I’m working on it. To be honest, I’m doing my utmost best just to stay sane and sober, so kindness and politeness is a little bit of an extra. It’s important to me, but I’m so tired that sometimes I just can’t help myself. My anxiety and depression are both going through the roof, but I know that it’s a sacrifice and an investment in the future, and one that I’m happy to make.

For those of you that don’t know, I quit my job at fst. I wasn’t enjoying the work and so I’ve decided to strike out on my own. I’ve been taking on more and more freelance work, and I’m currently basically working two full-time jobs. Because of that, I don’t always have time to eat, or sleep, or shower. Times are pretty dire.

But it’s only going to be for another 40 days or so. I mean, it’s a long, intimidating time to be working this hard, this constantly, but it’s for the greater good. And when everything’s settled down, I’ll get back to jogging every day and trying not to smoke cigarettes. I guess I’ll keep you up-to-date with that.

In the meantime, please bear with me until normal service is resumed. I’m doing my best. And thanks for your support.

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