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On Pivoting

Nobody can get everything right first time. That’s especially true for writers – after all, the whole editing process is about constant iteration until you get it right. But it applies to other areas as well, which is why it’s so important for writers to know when and how to pivot.

We need to remember to focus on the end goal and the overall mission, rather than on the individual deliverables that we create for ourselves. That’s why I’m experimenting with my approach to social media and marketing a little.

I’m not saying this is going to necessitate a huge change. It just means that I’m going to try to be less formulaic, such as by releasing weekly writing updates or by posting certain types of content on certain days. That just led me to pre-setting a bunch of content and then leaving it to post on autopilot, and that’s no fun for anyone.



So I’m going to cut back on a lot of the things that I do. For example, I’m going to spend less time filming and editing videos because it takes away time that I could be spending elsewhere. I’m also going to try to mix things up a little bit with my blog updates by posting updates like this that chart my journey instead of just posting a poem or a short story each week.

Other than that, it’s business as usual. I’m still working hard with my career as a freelancer, although I’m having to pivot in certain areas there to make sure that I’m achieving a decent work/life balance. I’ve been over-worked and over-stressed for a while, which has been good for money and for my freelance career but pretty bad for my mental health. It’s also not been so good for my productivity. So I’m pivoting there as well.

But on the other hand, I’m hoping that it will also help me to give you more of an insight into my life and the creative process. It’ll allow me to be more spontaneous and to give you a fuller idea of what’s going on behind the scenes, and it’ll also allow me to spend more time getting books ready for publication. After all, that’s what I want to be known for – not for my weekly writing updates. So I guess I should probably go and crack on with some edits!


Thanks as always for reading, and please do buy a book if you’d like to support me in my writing journey. You can get an e-copy for less than the price of a cup of coffee and a signed book with freebies and postage for the price of two pints of beer.

You can also follow me on Facebook and Twitter for further updates. I’ll see you soon!

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