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Introducing Biggie Cobain!

Hi, folks! I have something fun for you today. Basically, I’ve wanted to own a cat for years now, but I’ve never quite been in the right place in my life to be able to look after one. But now that I’m going full-time freelance, that’ll change – and I’m a mature, responsible adult now. Right?

So, because of that, I’ve been looking into adopting a cat and I’m pleased to say that I found one. His name’s BiggieBiggie Cobain – and I’ve shared a couple of photos of him below. Say hi to Biggie! But be calm and quiet because he can be a little shy, especially around new people.



Of course, me being me, I set him up on Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to give Biggie a follow if you want to see what he’s up to. He’s incredibly cute, you’ll like him. I love him. He’s beautiful. I’ve even written a few poems about him, so keep your eyes peeled for those – coming soon!

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